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Fantasy Book Reviews:

Orconomics: A Satire – Review
A Fool’s Hope Review
The Shadow of the Gods Review
Master Artificer Review
Blood Mage Review
Seven deaths of an Empire Review
The Coward Review
The Gatewatch Review
The Maleficent Seven Review
Son of a Liche Review
The Girl and the Mountain Review
The Everspring Reivew

Sci-Fi Book Reviews:

A Girl and the Stars Review
We Have Always Been Here Review
Hail Mary Review
Starsight Review
Dare to Know Review
Dogs of War Review
The Extinction Trails Review

Novella Reviews:

A Game of Broken Minds

Red Rising Novels

Red Rising Review
Golden Son Review

Book Discussions

My First Reads
Magic Systems I love ’em
What happens after the quest has ended?
Tope 5 setting in Fantasy
Turning Books into games
Turning Games in to Books


Interview with Stephen Aryan
Interview with Joshua Gillingham
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