About me

How my journey began:

Welcome on my adventure within the blogging realm and thank you for taking the time to read the thoughts that are exiting my brain!

I decided to start this blog for similar reasons I started by twitter – I wanted to share my thoughts on two of my passion (gaming and reading) with like-minded people and to engage in conversations. I have been playing games all my life (see my tale below) but didn’t start reading until I was 18 (also see story below). And I have found that even though I have friends and a brother who share some similar interests – I sometimes miss being able to have in depth conversations and share my some what interesting thoughts!


I have been indulging my nerdy-self in gaming for over 24 years (increasing with each passing year) – when I was a child, me and my brother had a SNES. I grew up on games such as Super Mario, Street Fighter and Twin Bee. Once we got older we got a Playstation and ever since then we both surrounded ourselves with Video Games. The Playstation back then also features every type of game under the sun – so we played every genre possible. Two of my biggest triumphs as a child were successfully winning a Grand Prix on the Mario Kart but as Browser (who ate way too many Goombas and weighed his kart down) and completing Jade Cocoon one and randomly creating an unbeatable monster! Even now as an adult I still love playing and listening to content about Video Games.


My journey into reading has a greater emotional connection for me, and even as I write this I can feel the emotions I try to repress building inside. I had never been into reading as a kid, my mum often saying I use to try and guess the words based on the pictures (now being a Primary School teacher, I find this amusing). I did read most of ‘The Series of Unfortunate Events’ books when I was around 10, but this was a brief obsession. But as I got older my intrigue did begin to grow around reading and randomly I wanted to read the Dark Materials trilogy – which I enjoyed very much. But I was left afterward with nothing else to read. Through my life I had a close family friend, who we would see every week as a kid and over the years, in a lot of ways, became the Father that I never had. He had always been a reader and loved Fantasy and Sci-fi novels, and he suggested I try David Gemmel. So I read Legend! And WOW! Ever since then, my passion for reading has grown.

So that is drive behind my blog – otherwise I am a husband, a step-parent, a keen runner, Primary School teacher and all-round crazy person!

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