April Gaming Round-Up

Tiny Tina’s Wonderland

This was a game I was very excited for and there are two good reasons why. Number one: I have been itching to play an FPS for a few months, sometimes I miss my days of playing COD or Halo online for hours on end. Number two: I love Borderlands! So putting that gameplay into a D&D inspired world was exciting and something new to change up the series. So far I am really enjoying my experience – I must be around 15 hours in and heading towards the end part of the game. The combat is excellent, with the additions from the fantasy aspects adding a fresh change. My main complaint at the moment is the amount of talking – trying to complete quests can sometimes be a drag because I know I will have to listen to endless dialogue that can sometimes be tedious.

Tools Up

Me and my wife have continued our play through of Tools up, completing over 30 levels. We have only a handful of levels left to complete and with our son starting to sleep in his own room, we can sweep up the other levels in no time. We are still enjoying the game, but have said that it is a little bit on the easy side.

Nobody Saves the World

This has been my absolute highlight this year, and my friend Max from the Geek Pyramid agrees! Nobody Saves the World is a charming RPG, that takes the idea of multiple class systems and adds a fun, unique twist. You can unlock a host of crazy forms to help save the world from the Calamity but what makes this game truly clever, is when you unlock the ability to mix and match skills from across the different forms! This is a simple yet deep system, enhanced by the quest system nudging you towards testing out different combinations. If you haven’t bought this game yet – I would heavily recommend it!

Super Monkey Ball HD Remix

Super Monkey Ball was a game that me and my brother loved as children – put a monkey in a ball like hamster, roll them around increasingly more difficult courses and collect bananas as you go; was a no brainer for an awesome game! Super Monkey holds a very simple idea at its heart, but pairs this with tricky level designs, allowing for a rewarding game. I thought this would be a perfect game to pick up in the recent spring sale on the the PS5, to play with my step-daughter……and she loves it! It also removes the worry of dying or losing, so my step-daughter can practise her gaming skills.

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