Gaming Round up – March

Elden Ring

I wanted to start with Elden Ring as this has been my big game over the last few weeks! I have put roughly about 18 hours into Elden Ring, which is by far the most time I have put into a FromSoftware game. I am enjoying the game despite the difficulty and unfamiliarity with the series as a whole. The world looks great, the enemy variety is awesome and the combat feels satisfying. My brother is also playing Elden Ring too so it was great comparing our adventures – although he is much further than myself and better at these games. The main thing that is beginning to put me off is dying – mainly when I have travelled quite far and collected a bunch of runes and then one enemy just one shots me or kills me in three hits! Then I am taken miles back to my site of grace and left feeling down-hearted.

Pokemon Unite

Look at what has crept into my playing cycle once again! Pokemon Unite is definitely a game that I am happy to pick and put down, I will play it in bursts and have a great time but it is also to leave it for a while because when you come back things will have changed. This time around a bunch of new pokemon have been added and the game gave me a bunch of credits, so I snapped up Decidueye, which is one of my favourite starters of all time. Plus he has a cool long shot ability that allows me to snipe off other pokemon. This game remains a blast, with slightly less balancing issues than the last time I played – with only Gengar just evaporating my health!

Tools Up

One of my favourite parts of the Nintendo Switch is the large selection of indie titles….. and the constant sales. You really have to keep your eye on the Switch sales because usually there’s a hidden gem in each! This game was a no brainer – me and my wife loved playing It Takes Two together last year and I wanted something new for us to try. We did try Overcooked but that ended in arguments……. but we are 16 levels into Tools up and we are having a great time. Put simply you have to decorate homes together – but with some tricks within each level.

Octopath Traveller

My final game last month was Octopath traveller – now this is a game I have been playing for a little while, 20+ hours so far. I had been really enjoying the characters, story and unique combat system and thought I was really getting into the flow of the game. However, I have hit a problem that upsets me about games within this genre. I started a quest that was actually two levels lower than myself, yet upon fighting the monster they destroyed me in a few hits……I don’t mind games being difficult but I find steep difficulty spikes a poor flaw in game design and with so many awesome games to play, I struggled to gather the drive to keep going.

Let me know what you have been playing in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Gaming Round up – March

  1. I just finished Tunic, which was an amazing puzzle game on top of a Zelda-like. Also been working on Horizon Forbidden West and just started Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands with a friend!


    1. I really want to play Tunic! I’ve just started wonderlands too, maybe 6 hours in.


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