Birthright: Recall Review

Author: Dale Thomas Vaughn

Publisher: Next Gent Enterprises

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Before I start the review – I would like to thank Netgalley and Next Gent Enterprises for the opportunity to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Over the last couple of years, I have been trying to dig a little more into Science Fiction reading and when I saw the blurb to this ARC, I thought it sounded similar to stories like The Martian. Instead of being a complicated Sci-Fi dive, it was light-hearted and more real world science based. The blurb introduced the idea of a character called Renny who was raised on Mars after his people has escaped Earth long ago. Having through that their planet was no longer inhabited, they receive a strange message from Earth and it is time to finally go back. The idea of a human colony taking the long awaited trip back to Earth, to uncover what had happened to their original home, is a story line that I really enjoy in any media.

If I had to describe how the story is written, I would describe it as a wave. There were some fantastic moments within this novel but in between the water were sometimes murky and other times quiet. The beginning of Birthright: Recall was great – we were introduced to the colony on Mars, we got to meet the impulsive and lovable Renny and we got a glimpse to life on Earth. But just as you settled into how you thought the novel would play out, it quickly introduced new ideas that you weren’t necessarily expecting. Then again, as you found yourself resettling into those new ideas, something else would change that would send you far of the beaten track. By the end of the novel, I found that the author was trying to juggle a lot of balls in the air and only two were caught. This isn’t to say that I didn’t enjoy the conclusion, I did – but some of those balls are still in the air or lost behind the cupboard, unsure whether we will see them used ever again. This story contains, secret tunnels, super mind powers, aliens, aliens with mind powers and lots of more!

The characters within this novel were alright – my two favourites were Renny and Hoover. Renny is a boy whose parents were murdered when he was young, but they had instilled in him the love for his home world and he had a fascination with Earth. I understood his motivations throughout the novel but I have to question his actual function, other than ‘Yay, let’s go to Earth!’. I felt like this character could have been so much more within the novel, and the author was clearly putting in the stepping stones to achieve this. Hoover starts his story on Earth and provides the POV there. He is a far more decisive character and he had some bad ass moments, especially at the start of the novel. However, similar to Renny, I felt the author didn’t take full advantage of this character because he was lost in the twenty different things happening at once.

My absolute favourite part about this novel was the Mars setting – the humans that had escaped have created a dome and within is a peaceful society. The concept of peace is held together by their own knowledge in their lack of numbers and how violence had caused the downfall of Earth.

Overall, I have given this book a 3/5 – the plot and themes underpinning the novel are great but they are not concentrated on enough throughout the story and unfortunately lack the reward a reader gets as they unfold.

1 thought on “Birthright: Recall Review

  1. This book’s synopsis does make it seem intriguing, I’m not a fan of hardcore scifi novels where the science (whether fictional or real) is too far out there for me to grasp so this sounds more appealing to me fort hat alone… but, on the other hand, I hate it when stories leave too many questions unanswered, so… we’ll see? Great review!


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