The Black Hawks Review

Author: David Wragg Publisher: HarperVoyager

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Now when I originally saw this novel my mind instantly compared it to Nicholas Eames’ Kings of the Wyld series – a band of warriors together, lead my an old warrior. However, upon reading The Black Hawks, the comparisons between the two really stop on surface. Kings of the Wyld in my opinion is the better story and more enjoyable characters – and this isn’t to say that I didn’t enjoy The Black Hawks, or it’s characters. I just felt that at times this novel didn’t know what it was trying to be.

The absolute selling point of this novel are the Black Hawks themselves – each member is unique and brings something different to the story. My favourite character was Lemon – I have never read a character with a filthier mouth or more hilarious insults. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations between the members of the Black Hawks, as well as when they conversed with other characters like Chel or Prince Tarfel. There was a great chemistry to be had and these were by far the most engaging parts of the novel.

My most disappointing part was the other characters within the story – Chel which seemed to be the focus of the novel was a little bland for my liking. I thought he would develop through the novel but never truly became anything and his part of the dialogue was a tad dry, only to be saved by the Black Hawks. The other main character, Prince Tarfel, was also a little lack-luster. He place in the story made more sense to a point but his character also failed to develop, and felt more like a stepping stone for the story plots rather than someone of true interest.

Now the story itself I felt very mixed on – it was like climbing a mountain; at times it felt hard work and I became a little lost, but the further I got through, the more I began to enjoy the story and when I finally reached the top, I had a truly better understanding of the story. The final 60 pages, were easily my favourite part of the whole story. There was plenty to enjoy on the way through the novel, but I felt Wragg tried to quicken the stories pace too much at times and the story seemed to hop into the next scene, where maybe a few more sentences would have finished it off nicely. I love novels where the pacing is fast – each chapter being an explosion of excitement but I also prefer my moments to feel concluded before the next one begins.

Overall, I would give this novel a 3/5 – I enjoyed the Black Hawks but other characters didn’t feel as interesting. I will definitely pick up the second novel, since I want to see how those last pages develop.

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