Gaming Round January

This has been an interesting month for myself – after having recently had a baby, I am having to adjust to playing less games and concentrating on a single game on both the PS5 and the Switch, and not having time to play multiple games on each console. I started the month on multiple different titles but towards the end of the month, I definitely concentrated on just two main titles.

Evil Genius 2

Real time strategy games are not really what I chose to play anymore – once upon a time, they were one of the key genres but they was back when I had a dedicated gaming computer. Nowadays, I am a console gamer only and often these titles don’t play well on consoles. Evil Genius 2 so far seems to play okay on the console – it could never be as smooth as its PC counter part. So far I have played this title for maybe 5 hours, and I am still within the tutorial-ish stage, with the game still teaching me the more complex ideas and lair management techniques. I am enjoying it very much but I am looking forward to becoming more free to be as evil as I would like.


Deathloop is a game with very mixed opinions – some people love it and the elements of freedom and choice, but some people find the repetitive nature quite boring. I am currently sat in the middle. I do enjoy the ability to chose where I go and how I go about piecing together the story, and the story is really interesting so far. I am not bothered about the repetition but I can see why others might be. My current disappointment is in the gameplay – the moment to moment combat is too easy. The lack of enemy variety or skill means I can cleanly wander without much worry and I haven’t needed to be very clever in disposing of the baddies. I can pretty much silent headshot them to stealth about.

Ghost of Tsushima

On to my main obsession this month! Open world games are my fear at the moment due to my busy life and lack of time – but Ghosts was a game I have heard nothing but great things about and it was set somewhere completely new. I have played this game over 17 hours, the main campaign is finished and I am going about to clean up towards the platinum trophy. The story is awesome, the combat is dynamic and Jin is an absolute badass! I think it will take me at least another 15 hours to complete the platinum but it will be worth it to get as much as possible from this amazing game!

Death’s Door

I won’t spend too much time on this one because I recently posted my review for this game where my thoughts are detailed! I was originally going to have a wander around and collect the last bits within the game, but time is precious and I justify the time since the Switch has no trophy or points to motivate me.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Before anyone worries about me…..the guy with the gaming blog hasn’t played Smash Bros before…..Obviously I got Smash Bros Ultimate on the day of release. However, I have been revisiting this wonderful representation of Nintendo to play the last set of DLC characters now that I finally got around to purchasing them. My favourites are Kazuya and Sora but I have yet to get round to trying them all out yet!

2 thoughts on “Gaming Round January

  1. I definitely had moments where I was in love with Deathloop, and moments where I was tired of going through the same area because I missed something during an earlier pass. Glad I played it, but not the home run I was hoping for!

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    1. It’s an interesting concept for a game – I hope someone else improves on the formula for it.

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