The Warrior by Stephen Aryan Cover Reveal!

Last year, I got the pleasure of both reading and taking part in the book tour for The Coward by Stephen Aryan. Stephen is a brilliant guy, who I also got the chance to interview:

The Coward followed the story of a man called Kell who became an accidental legend who ran away from his moment at the age of 17. This stories embodies the idea that even after a battle, their are invisible scars that no one can see and they are be more damaging than the physical. Through this story he regains what it means to be a hero and live up to his reputation.

This was the first book in a duology (I love the fact that this is a two part series – wish there were more of these in Fantasy) and now the finale is on the horizon! The second instalment is called The Warrior! I am so excited to be able to reveal the book cover:

Artwork by Kieryn Tyler

I absolutely love this cover – the simple artwork mixed with the bold green is a great choice. I think this will sit beautifully on my shelf right next to The Coward.

If you would like to pre-order and purchase this novel then follow one of these links:

Angryrobots website:

Broken Binding:


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