Priest of Lies Review

Author: Peter Mclean Publisher: Jo Fletcher Book

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Usually the first novel in a series is the best one – well this is also probably true for most media – with the following in the series not quite grasping what made the first special or not changing the formula enough, causing the following books to feel very similar. Priest of Lies however is exactly what a sequel should be – and I have heard great things about the next ones in the series too. Priest of Lies manages to grasp what made the first instalment so gripping and entertaining, in both the characters and the plot, and improve on this with this second novel.

The absolute star of the show, although I don’t think this character would like to be described as a star, is Tomas Piety! He is quickly becoming one of my favourite characters in any series of books. Within this novel his character stays true to himself – trying to responsible and good but willing to do just about anything to achieve this. Within this novel their are a lot of developments, and it was engaging to try and second guess what Piety might do and their were occasions when I failed to predict his next move. He always seemed to read a situation just perfectly. At the same time it was great to see him become rattled from time to time, as he deals with the after effects of the war on his psyche. My favourite part of this novel was the visit to Dannesburg, putting Tomas into a different and unusual setting made for some amazing and gripping moments.

The other cast of character were explored more within this novel – Cutter, Jochan and Billy being the three Pious men who saw movement in their stories. Billy is still a character sounding in much mysterious but I enjoy his quirkiness and unpredictability. His character is going to face some growing up as he matures in to adulthood in the future novels and I am interested in seeing how he stands on his own two feet. Cutter is another character surrounded in mysterious and he is a character that would be terrifying to meet in the real world. His background is fascinating and he has some great moments, branching relationships with the other characters. Jochan is the opposite of these two – his character is open in every sense of the world. His character takes an interesting turn within this novel, which I felt fitting and adds an extra layer between the brother’s relationship. The only character who I felt gets a lot of time within the book but didn’t develop much was Bloody Anna. I look forward to seeing how her character might change within the later series.

Overall, I thought Pries to Lies was a continuation and improvement of what was already a brilliant first novel. I would continue to recommend these books highly to others. I give this book a 4/5 but a closer to 5 than the last!

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