Gaming Round Up November

Little Nightmares 2

Little Nightmares 2 is a game that I managed to complete last month and you can find my review if you click on the picture. However, I was determined to achieve a platinum trophy and add this game to my collection! I have to say the road to achieving this platinum wasn’t too tricky and in a matter of hours, the deed was done. It did give me a little more time to appreciate this unique game and the eerie setting. I can’t wait to see if they decide to make the third game in this series!

Dicey Dungeons

This game has been my absolute gem this month! Finding this in the current in the sale on the Nintendo Switch has been a highlight – this game was completely unknown to me before this and that is an absolute shame. This game is charming and clever – taking the classic turn taking RPG model and adding a dice rolling spin on it. Plenty of strategy involved for those who enjoy having their brain tickled.


Unfortunately, with every highlight comes an equal disappointment. Eastward was a game that I thought was going to be my pixelated dream – taking me back to classic RPG-style games from the early PS1 and Super Nintendo era of gaming. The characters are delightful and humorous, the setting is interesting and the graphics are stunning. However, the gameplay is what is letting this game down for me. The puzzles are too simple and the the fighting mechanics are repetitive – whacking things with frying pans is fun but not when you need to do it nine times in a row with no change in rhythm. I will keep on playing but my hopes are dwindling.

Animal Crossing – DLC

Now this isn’t something I have been playing myself but it’s actually something I brought my step daughter for working hard school! She loved to spend her time changing her house around and not actually play much of the game otherwise. This then leading to her having a lack of money and no ability to purchase more furniture or a larger home. So this DLC was perfect for her – since now she can spend all her time designing houses for the locals and allowing her creativity to flow!

Upcoming to be played – At the end of the month a blast from my childhood is coming out in the form of Evil Genius 2. A game about creating your own evil lair and trying to be the best villain possible! The next is Monster Rancher 2 on the Switch – this is another game from my childhood and I am incredible excited to play it once more.

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