The Everspring Review

Author: Joshua Gillingham Publisher: Crowsnest Book

Page count: 320

A follow up filled with even more Norse lore, mind-bending riddles and adventure!

The Everspring Book Cover

I would like to thank Joshua Gillingham and Crowsnest books for providing me with the opportunity in being able to read this book early and in return I will provide an honest review.

I can’t think of any better way to start this review by saying how fantastic this sequel is! I had the pleasure of reading The Gatewatch, which is the first in this series of novels, and I was instantly excited by a novel filled with Norse mythology and riddles! I was instantly taken back to the first time I read the Hobbit, reflecting on the brilliant scene with Gollum and Bilbo Baggins. My excitement was furthered when Joshua told me that the sequel would be filled with even more riddles and I was not disappointed in the slightest. Joshua has managed to craft a sequel that in my opinion surpasses the first novel and delivered mightily on the level of riddles. Future books might be penalised by the lack of riddles.

What binds these novels together is the Norse mythology and lore that runs throughout these novels. Joshua has clearly devoted his time and passion in building his knowledge in this area and it shines through across each and every page. The more I read, the more I appreciated how important crafting an interesting and diverse world is in fantasy reading. Joshua has infused his world with a magnificent level of detail; from the use of Scandinavian terms, classical written Norse-based riddles and the stories which are at the core of the characters and world. The riddles within The Everspring were an absolute highlight. Each riddle was well written, feeling almost like I was solving each riddle alongside the characters within the story, feeling a a sense of accomplishment when I actually managed to solve one. I have enjoyed my tour through The Everspring, as a fan of Norse mythology, I have learnt new tales and folklore that I had never heard before, which was refreshing. Reading through the tales of Torin, the world feels alive and I am excited to see what I am introduced to in the sequel!

Fast-paced is how I would describe Gillingham’s styles of writing, which again is reminiscent of The Hobbit, where the story bounces swiftly between the different story elements. What I love about this novel, is that despite the fast pacing, the novel never feels rushed. I always felt that I got just enough time within a moment before it moved on to the next event. I got to know each of the characters well, even delving deeper into the original cast of characters backstories and providing further character arcs for each of them. Through the fast pacing, their is never a truly dull moment, with every twenty pages holding something new and exciting to discover; it was no wonder I flew through this novel in a matter of days. I really feel connected to the characters within the story: Torin, Grimsa, Wyla and Bari have made me feel welcomes almost like I am an official greycloak myself (and I think I would make a rather talented troll slayer).

This is an extremely successful sequel to the incredible The Gatewatch novel – this novel deserves an immediate add to any TBR and if you have never read either novel…..well you know what you need to be reading next! I give this novel a 5/5!

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