October Gaming Round Up

Little Nightmare 2 – PS5

Little Nightmares 2 was my BIG play of the month – it was on sale as part of the Halloween sale on the Playstation store so I could not refuse this title. I played the first in the series about 6 months ago and loved it! You can check out my review for the first below and I will be releasing my review for this title later next month! Little Nightmares 2 adds a co-op element to the game which at times make the stakes and the atmosphere even more intense because now it isn’t just your character to show concern for. I completed this game, but I do need to check out the road for the platinum trophy and see how enjoyable it is to collect. This game was a delight to play, that being said in the most creepiest way possible. It is definitely better than the first game, some of the puzzle elements being a little smarter in their solutions and the story is a fantastic continuation (or is it *winky face)) from the first game. I would recommend both these games to any gamer, especially during the Halloween season.

Little Nightmares review: https://everything-hand-held.com/2021/04/06/little-nightmares-discussion/

Pokemon Unite – Nintendo Switch

Now this is a game that I have been on hiatus for a while. After my initial burst when I was isolating at home, I think the fires have faded. They have been reignited somewhat since the addition of a few new Pokemon and some balancing fixes. I got Blastoise with the in-game coins that I had saved up, and reliving my childhood Red/Blue gaming nostalgia. I will be honest, some of the same issues are present – the main on being that the items still cause some of the balancing issues between characters, especially those that hit hard like Genger or Absol. However, the game is still an absolute blast. Not being to play DOTA anymore due to time and an absence of a PC, Pokemon Unite’s quick 10 minutes matches are a perfect competitive fill for myself.

Planet Coaster – PS5

This is another game that I feel the excitement factor is beginning to wane on – after completing about 15 levels so far, I am starting to get a little bored and desiring something new to play. This is another game that I would like the platinum trophy for but I don’t feel that the long term effort will be worth it in the end. As a child I played Roller Coaster Tycoon for hours and days on end for multiple years, but now I am a grown adult, my attention span is more lacking. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great game; it’s just doesn’t do enough to shake up the algorithm without being more annoying than fun.

Grandia 2 – Nintendo Switch

Grandia 2 is a game that I have mentioned the prequel Grandia beforehand, and a pair of games that are much loved by myself and my brother. Grandia 2 was a game that I never managed to complete as a youngling and unfortunately as a grown up, I wasn’t any better. Recently, I went to a wedding in Wales and only bought my Switch as company. I wanted to play something quickly and remembered that I had left this game hanging at the very climax, on the final boss battle. It only took my ten minutes to complete, with no trouble at all. It did feel satisfying to complete the game nearly a decade later.

My next play will mostly likely be Eastward on the Nintendo Switch – I have already purchased this title and am about 2 hours in and loving it!

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