Turning Games into Books

Recently, I wrote a blog post about some of the books out there that I thought could be turned into fantastic video games, so I thought I would flip this post the other way around and write about some of the video games that I think could have more stories to tell through novels. There are some brilliant video games out there but their stories are limited and can sometimes be missed through time limits being present within gaming. I thought I would collect a few ideas about some of the Games I think will make for fantastic reading.

Fallout – Science Fiction

Fallout is a series of games that I didn’t get into until Fallout 3 – but I know it has had a cult following throughout the series. Being an enormous game, with countless stories to tell within. However I feel as though they are always told through a third perspective; whether it is from the quest giver, the random NPCs found along the way or after you’ve hacked a nearby computer. The story is never told through the actual character themselves. Leaving out any of the first person perspective and reflections that are at the core of great story telling. I feel as though their are some fantastic characters and stories that can be told through book format, where we ae able to explore the inner thoughts of the characters and understand why certain decisions are made. A great story to start to begin the series – a story of the first vault. Starting from the moment that everyone was told to go into the vault, living life underground, the conflicts between civilians, ending with their eventual release. Apocalypse story lines are present in modern reading but adding along Fallouts charming characters would make for some interesting reading.

Portal – Science Fiction

Portal is a truly unique game, with no one else ever replicating the charm and ingenious of the puzzle mechanics. Now I am not suggesting that a book should be written about Cell herself taking part within the portal experiments, since that would be difficult to describe, but their is a huge world to explore within these games. Firstly, the whole Aperture company is filled with mystery and throughout the games you are provided with hints and clues to the origin and story behind the company itself. Within these games there is a greater story to tell – I would love to know the true, detailed origins for this company and how Cell was chosen as their guinea pig or how the portal gun was ever first thought off. A slightly separate idea could be based on a manipulated version of the portal game. Whereby an unknown character wakes up inside a mysterious room, left within a new, unknown gadget and they are tasked with solving a selection of puzzles in order to test the gadget and escape. There are some exciting Science Fiction novels out there, with their own equally interesting gadgets so I feel this is a complete possibility.

God of War – Fantasy/Mythology

God of War is a set of games that fully embraces mythology and lore, with all games present within the series having a collection of gods and monsters ready for you to dismantle and destroy. I can’t help but feel as if there is a rich opportunity to create some stories based within this bloody world. It would be interesting to read about some of the classics gods but with the twist of Kratos storming into their worlds and reeking havoc. Kratos himself is a character who would hold a whole novel together on his own, creating a much deeper story for the character, whether it is from the old or new series of games. Mythology is becoming more and more popular, with novel like Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman, being published with a host of Norse mythology based story telling.

Ratchet and Clank – Comic Book

As readers of my blog will definitely know, I am an absolute fan of the Ratchet and Clank series and I am eternally dreaming of ways for more content to be created within these games. Now a classic novel set up isn’t suited for this purpose, but a comic book would be a perfect fit. The core of the Ratchet and Clank games are the character themselves and the humour that enriches the story throughout. The humour within these games would be able to transition well into the comic style, with the comic being made from the variety of tales, worlds and various aliens within the series.

Borderlands – Comic Fantasy

My final choice is a more interesting pick – Borderlands! Now these are a set of games that I really love; wacky, hilarious and utterly chaotic but filled with love-able maniacs. I feel like this game has some hidden stories to tell, from characters we have yet to meet yet, wrapped in the wise-cracking and crazed novel based in the world of Pandora. We could follow a new vault hunter as they uncover a newly found vault, have a deep exploration into one of the many gun manufacturers or join the ranks of the crazed psychos and see the centre to their crazed world. The gun combat could be difficult to write within a novel, but books like the Wax and Wayne series and the Red Rising novels include gun play into their worlds well.

2 thoughts on “Turning Games into Books

  1. These would be really novel! Ah… see what I did there? Ha ha, ahh… eh. Seriously though, I always love the thought of fan fiction, but hold reservations, because sometimes there are truly great writers out there, and a fan fiction is something you’ve got to tread carefully in this day and age with a lot of media companies.
    But man… I’d be all over a Portal novel. That would be awesome!


    1. I completely agree that any book based on games would need to be handled delicately. Anything made from games doesn’t have the best history!


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