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Being a fan of both Video Games and Reading, it seemed only natural that I would enjoy seeing some of the books that I love come to the world of gaming, and being able to control the interesting characters, explore the wonderfully crafted worlds and experiment with the amazing magic systems. There are so many books in our wide world, especially in the exciting world of Fantasy and Science Fiction. I thought I would compile a list of some ideas that I feel would make great video games…..maybe someone important will read it and be inspired!

Dresden Novels – Point and Click

The Dresden novels are easily one of my favourite series of books, with Harry Dresden himself being a lovable rogue, kicking ass and throwing soul fire. One of the greatest attributes within these novels is the magical mysteries which form the basis of each novel. Something magical always needs solving and it is up to Dresden and his team to save the day. In some ways, these novels make me think back to classics such as Simon the Sorcerer – just without the violence and heavy insults. These books could make for some high action point and click adventures – finding magical artefacts, learning new spells and unlocking the secrets to some hidden mystery. There is so much material in which to form stories for such a game and Harry would make a charming protagonist control, listening to him make blunt wise-cracks about the stupid choices that the player might make.

Mistborn – Open World

Open world games have some huge names attached to them – Skyrim, Fallout, Red Dead, Horizon – just to name a through. Now what better author to tackle this genre than an equally big name within the fantasy author world – Brandon Sanderson! Throughout the Mistborn series a huge area is covered, spreading itself over different kingdoms and lands, proving a perfect setting for an expansive open world game. But what makes this world so enticing in open world is the magic system within. Allomancy – ingesting liquid metals in order to gain abilities – lends itself perfectly to the open world genre. Imagine zipping around the world through pushing and pulling yourself on coins or enhancing your stamina and strength ready for combat. Allomancy is rich and varied, allowing a defined progression system to me in place – progressing ones allomancy skills as you gain levels. Starting the game, could allow you to assign your character a different metal affinity and relying on a dwindling supply of metal in order to utilise your abilities.

Red Rising – MMORPG/Battle Royal

Red Rising to be stood out immediately as a perfect choice for a battle royal themed game – it isn’t my favourite genre but the competitive element is very fitting. Battle Royal games have only been around for a few years, but have surged in popularity. Red Rising is essentially a battle royal game. A huge number of people compete for survival, desperate to be the winner and survive. Within the novel of Red Rising the landscape is vast, being themed in a deserted medieval-ish arena with plenty of spaces for both open and closed combat. Weapons, armour, ammo and transport can be hidden in the world or certain positive acts could award you with special gifts to give the player an advantage. What would truly make this game stand out is the focus on melee combat. The world of Red Rising does have long range weaponry, but within the first novel, the combat is centre around close range. A fast paced, bloody battle royal where players can be trapper and tricked, chased down into natural dangers, ready to be finished off, sounds like an enticing game to me. If you aren’t a fan of the battle royal genre, Red Rising could very easily be turned into a MMORPG – following a similar concept expect you choose which group and benefactor to join and play it similar to a large scale open battlegrounds similar to those found in World of Warcraft and Guild Wars.

Senlin’s Ascension – Action/Puzzle Game

Now this is a book that is on my mind a lot at the moment (mainly because I am reading The Fall of Babel and I just love it!) but I also think this story would make for a wonderful game. The world is so unique, drenched in wonderful writing and creative ringdoms, varying greatly from one to another. I just feel that climbing the Tower of Babel would make so a wonderful action puzzle game. For some reason a cell shaded style, similar to that of borderlands, would suit this world perfectly. Hosting a large cast of character would make for plenty in terms of the story, being provided hints and clues in order to make your way to the top of the tower. This game could follow in the wake of Senlin’s own journey, bringing greater depth to his story and the aftermath from where he has been. The setting is steeped in mystery and solving the many puzzles along the way, to putting the pieces to an even larger jigsaw of the greater plot would be a world come true. There are some unique and clever puzzle games and Josiah Bancroft would be an excellent writer to create a dynamic and interesting world, with even smarted puzzles.

Game of Thrones – Real Time Strategy

There is a set of novels……a world renowned TV show……there are some games but none are truly worthy of the world! I feel at the moment in the gaming world there is a complete gap in the market for a real time strategy game. In my younger years, there were countless games that filled this genre but over time the number has seemly dwindled. Game of Thrones is the perfect series to spark a flame back into this genre. The world is filled to the brim with conflict, betrayal and more conflict. There are plenty of houses to select from, each able to boast different benefits – the Lannisters being rich with coin, House Stark having access to the dire wolves and can survive in harsh whether and obviously House Targaryen being able to control the fearsome dragons. Now what would set this game apart, is the ability to join forces and betray each other. In other games, it is possible to join forces, but it is always on a basic level. However, this game could boast a greater selection of sharing abilities – making deals to provide others with resources that they may need in order to guarantee a steady partnership, creating the fear within the game of who could be joining forces to stab you in the back.

2 thoughts on “Books to Video Games

  1. Amazing article – absolutely love the idea!
    Game of Thrones RTS sounds great, but now I really miss Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II – phenomenal game.


    1. That was a great game! There hasn’t been anything quality for LORT gaming for a while.


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