September Gaming Round Up

So this month has been a little quieter for me in terms of my gaming – it has been a busy month overall but I have tried my best to squeeze in some gaming when I could. I am not one for buying loads of games at once, allowing myself to feel overwhelmed to play things just because I have bought it. I prefer to complete a few games before adding anything new. So my efforts have been placed in attempting to finish and move current games forward.

Planet Coaster

Now this is a game that I have been playing for a couple of months now and have been steady progress each month. This month is no different – I have managed to complete about 5 more parks during the course of this month and my journey to the platinum trophy is growing closer by the day. I am still very much enjoying this title – being a young fan of Rollercoaster Tycoon on the PC. Managing the park is surprising easy on the controller; often games with a top down view can suffer when moved away from a mouse and keyboard but Planet Tycoon does a great job of the controls. My current issues are the staff….basically they are all arse holes. Always wanting more money, always complaining that they are worked too hard or sometimes complaining that they have too little work….I can’t win! My other issue is the roller coaster building – and this isn’t because it isn’t fun and the controls work well enough for it – the problem is the people! They are just too wimpy and complain regardless of how cool I make the rides.


My new indie game! I managed to snap this title up for half price – I think I paid around £8 for it and it is worth every penny. The easiest way to describe this game is a top down version of minecraft but with a sense of humour. You essentially start on a singular desert island and you have to forage (hence the name) for supplies such as wood and stone, to build your way up to other materials and tool in order to expand and explore. You are rewarded with experience for everything you do and this unlocks new abilities and buildings. This is a game of patience. Starting out, the game doesn’t tell you very much and you have to build up your knowledge gradually as you play. Each new island adds something new or introduces you to a humorous character, who inevitably has a quest for you to complete. I am hugely enjoying this game, finding myself becoming addicted to hunting bits down.

Dodgeball Academia

This month I managed to complete my previous Indie titles and one of my favourite games this year. I won’t spend too long talking about this game because you can read all about it in my review below:

It took me roughly about 9 hours to complete and I did pretty much all the side quests in that time too and hardly missed a random battle. The final boss fight was a little tricky and the story came to a satisfying close. If you desire an easy going RPG then I highly recommend this title!

What I want to play!

I thought I would include a section highlighting the games that I would like to play over the coming months! (If someone wants to treat me then I won’t say no…..) I long standing game on the PS4 that I have yet to play is Ghost of Tsushima. This is a game I have heard brilliant things about, with engaging combat and a beautiful setting to explore. The two other titles on the top of list to play as recent releases. Eastward – an RPG game that reminds me of the Earthbound games, and Deathloop – a first person shooter, where replying the game is a must in order to defeat all 9 of your targets. I have been in need of a solid FPS game and I feel this might fit the bill. My final game to play is Psychonauts 2 – this is the long awaited sequel from Double fine and one I have heard carries the torch well. The unique story, interesting abilities and awesome graphics makes this game a must play for myself.

There was another game that I saw recently that strangely caught my eye – AWAY: the survival series. It’s a game where you play out a documentary as a small rodent and you live their life. I am not sure why, but this game really caught my eye!

As always let me know what you have been playing this month in the comments section below!

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