The Extinction Trails

Author: A.G.Riddle Publisher: Legion Books

Page Count: 349

The Extinction Trails – Book Cover

I would like to thank Netgalley and Legion Books for giving me the opportunity to read this novel in exchange for an honest review.

The blurb of this novel was an absolute hook for myself, the concept of a group of random individuals being put through a set of trails in order to rescue the remainder of mankind, was just too hard to turn down. I thought to myself, ‘What could go wrong with a blurb like that?’ ….. Lucky for me, I am hardly ever wrong and this was no exception. This book was an absolute pleasure to read form start to finish.

Starting this book it was swamped in absolute mystery – the cast of characters opening their eyes, trapped inside an unknown tube within a completely unknown location. A strange android greets them and to let them know the world as they know is no more. And it is up to them to save humanity, but only a strange set of clues and each others distant memories to guide them. The beginning third of this book hooked me instantly. Learning about each of the characters, understanding their personalities and taking the journey of discovery alongside them. The two main characters in Owen – an ex-fire fighter who had an issue with the fire robots turning on their crew and Maya – contracting a deadly virus that is slowly erasing her memory. These two characters are both engaging and the chemistry between them is believable and the author did an excellent job at using these two characters as a platform for telling the story.

Dystopian fantasy or sci-fi has always been an interesting setting throughout all mediums and Riddle has done a fantastic job crafting his world. It is completely void of hope, the characters seeming isolated throughout the story. I could picture myself scavenging through the base in the beginning of the story, escaping into the unknown wilderness beyond. Throughout feeling true isolation and loneliness. As the story developed, the world became slightly busier with more and more sci-fi elements filling out the details, with understandable explanations. One of my pet peeves with writing, is when an author makes ideas or concepts too complicated without justifying it with the appropriate explanation or spending the time needed with the reader. However, Riddle paves the story well, holding your hand just gently enough to understand the science in play without removing you from the story itself.

I fully enjoyed reading this novel – and I am definitely going to check out other novels by A.G.Riddle. Dystopian Science Fiction is a fantastic genre and The Extinction Trails is a welcomed addition!

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