August Gaming Round Up

This is a new monthly post I thought I would start to highlight some of the wonderful games that I have been playing each month. My idea was to give a short progress report on each game and some of my thoughts on each of them. I hope this is something that will generate some conversations – I would love to hear what other people have been playing or their thoughts on similar titles.

Final Fantasy VII Remake – PS5

Final Fantasy VII Remake – PS5

This is the first game I played this month and not being a huge Final Fantasy fan, this was more of an experiment – luckily for me it was part of Playstation Plus during the month of July, and I had pre-downloaded it. I have only sunk around 10 hours into the game so far but I have to say the 3D visuals and the changes to the combat system, making it more fluid, make the series more fluid. For me open world games are a little intimidating within my adult life, not having as much time as I once did as a child, but I think I will chip away at this game when I have time. The cutscenes are a little too much for me, sometimes making it very tempting to press the skip button….but I never do, just in case.

Planet Coaster – PS5

Planet Coaster – PS5

Roller Coaster Tycoon on the PC was a pure joy when I was a child, being able to have full control over my own theme park absorbed huge amounts of my time. So discovering a game that is as close to that as possible was a must buy for myself. This game has beautiful graphics and the same level of control as the Tycoon series. Playing on the console isn’t as smooth as using a mouse and keyboard, but after a small amount of play, you get use to it quickly. I have completed the first 9 parks, enjoying the mixture of tasks, that do an excellent job of keeping the game interesting.

Fall guys – PS5

Fall Guys

Now Fall Guys in my opinion, is a near perfect example of an easy-going online game that doesn’t punish those that lack skill but rewards those who succeed. My step-daughter has been using this game to practise her gaming skills and it has been wonderful to play together. The game has really built on the mixture of levels, games and obstacles – creating a fun filled game which is like being on tv shows such as Total Wipeout or Takeshi’s Castle. If you have kids who love to play games online, then this a must buy! However, I was sad because I missed out on the Ratchet and Clank costumes.

Dead Cells – Nintendo Switch

Dead Cells – Nintendo Switch

Recently I have been enjoying the Rogue-Like Genre of games – Hades being one of my stand out games of this year. Dead Cells is another which fits this growing love of mine! Dead Cells has a fantastic weapon system – using RNG to change up which weapons can be found on specific runs, whilst also slowly introducing new elements as you work through the game. I love how dying in these games is more of a reward, rather than a failure….even on the worst attempts. I have managed to worm my way to the third boss, who on my only attempt, smashed me like a worm.

Pokemon Unite – Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Unite – Nintendo Switch

A decade ago, I was obsessed with a particular MOBA known as DOTA – I dread to think how many hours I spent playing this game. Since then I have never had a gaming PC able to play high performance games so playing MOBA’s has been out of the question. But finally Tencent (I know they aren’t the best company in the world) have joined forced with Pokemon and created a MOBA on the Switch. Pokemon Unite holds the tactical play which I enjoyed from DOTA, whilst changing the scoring system. The game needs some tweaking – the Zapdos boss is the dominate play within the game. I am not sure if it will hold my attention much longer, it might get relegated to the occasional play.

My Dodgeball Academia – Nintendo Switch

My Dodgeball Academia

The only way I can describe this game is to take Pokemon but instead of battling monsters, you have children throwing dodge balls at each other. The battles are fun and utterly random, the characters are charming and funny, whilst stealing elements and musical tones from old school Pokemon games, but with their own spin. Sometimes I chuckled to myself when battles started, and my mind drifted to the old pokemon battle screens. I have currently played 6 hours of this game, but this is my game of month. Games like this are why the indie gaming scene is a fantastic space to be playing in.

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