Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Review

As a Ratchet and Clank fan, I couldn’t ask for more…..As a Playstation fan, I couldn’t ask for more!

Publisher: Insomniac Console: Playstation 5

Beautiful planets ready to explore!

I will start this review by announcing my completely biased opinion on Ratchet and Clank because it is easily my favourite game series of all time! I will endeavour to do my best to give an honest review of Rift Apart – the latest instalment to the Ratchet series of games.

Rift Apart continues the adventures of Ratchet and Clank following on from the last main title, celebrating all their achievements and humbly basking in their glory, when trouble brews. Doctor Nerfarious is up to no good again but this time he causes an inter-dimensional crisis. It is up to Ratchet and Clank once again, along with their arsenal of weapons to save the day. However, they discover another Lomax known at Rivet, who also joins them along for the ride! There is nothing new within the story itself, but it guarantees the same humour and charm that encompasses Ratchet and Clank games. Rivet and the other character introduced throughout the story fit in perfectly, and one dimensional characters will cause a few chuckles!

Rift jumping to take advantage of the field.

Rift Apart sports the same platforming and combat elements similar to it’s predecessors, Ratchet is still able jump and dodge around, strafing gun fire and swiping enemies away with his trusty ratchet. This game introduces two new mechanics, in the phase shift and rift pull. The rift pull, looks graphically amazing as one world is pulled towards you, sometimes providing tactical advantage, although I didn’t feel it was needed often. There were also some platforming elements that required rifting, which were fun within themselves but didn’t add much platforming wise. The phase shift mechanic was far more useful, watching Ratchet and Rivet dart forward, with mirror images in between to represent the shifting, looked stunning. This mechanic provided a huge tactical advantage and was helpful in escaping a bide or two. The game also introduced wall running and a sling shot, that cannonballs you across the planet, both minor into platforming but were welcome additions.

Collectables are once again present within the game, featuring the familiar gold bolts spread across the galaxy, unlocking a selection of cheats. The gold bolts aren’t particular hard to spot but are fun to find all the same. Across the worlds are also the RYNO bots to find, which will eventually unlock the powerful RYNO weapon, however this is more of a fun tool because about time you find them all you most likely will have completed the game. The slightly disappointing aspect within the game were the trophies, which is only applicable for the trophy hunters out there. I was sad to see that the trophy list was quite easy, with most trophies being collected within the first play through. I did feel that Insomniac could have had trophies that were gained through multiple play throughs or deep hunting through each of the planets. Alas, I will still endeavour to get every weapon to level 10 and collect every bolt, regardless of the lack of trophy award.

Rivet exploring yet another beautiful planet

Now the one thing Rift Apart truly needs complementing on, is the graphics within this game. This is by far the most beautiful and detail enriched game that I have ever played. The backgrounds are rich in detail, taking full advantage of the ray tracing within the PS5, with each and every texture filled with detail. The game is a true artistic masterpiece! The even more impressive aspect is the absence of obvious loading within the game. The PS5 is being used well with this game, as Ratchet can sometimes step through rifts and be transported into pocket dimensions in a instant, not a slight of lag apparent between areas. No loading screens are present within the game and even when my screen was filled with enemies, my minions and bolts flying in every direction, my game never dropped for a second. I can completely understand why this game is only present on the PS5. The only issue I had within the game was at the start, by game got caught within a bug, but a quick reset got me going once again.

Overall, I would give this game a 5/5 and highly suggest that any PS5 owner buys this game. It is easily the best game on the system and will be for some times yet. Insomniac has really outdone themselves and I look forward to seeing how the series is continued on the PS5.

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