Games from my childhood FPS edition

This time for my monthly post highlighting some of my favourite games that I use to play as I child, I thought I would do a theme! The theme for this months post is FPS or first person shooters. I have always been a fan of FPS games, and had some talent in them during my younger years – terrorising the other nerds online in both COD and Halo matchmaking. Unfortunately, as I have got older, my desire to play online has dwindled but it is still fun to reminisce about the good old days online.

Goldeneye – N64

Goldeneye on the N64 was most likely my first experience within the FPS genre and my word, it was a fantastic one to start with. I have never been a huge fan of the James Bond set of films and I haven’t seen most of the original ones (sorry Bond fans), but I did love this game. First of all, this game hosted a fun story mode, which had a selection of difficulties that did provide a challenge even when you got to know the levels. However, the major part of this game was the multiplayer. This game hosted a wide selection of levels and a variety of characters, whilst also sporting a huge collection of weapons. Each match felt different and fun. Levels were made from a collection of wide open areas, long narrow corridors and hiding places in case you were feeling like a wuss. The game was balanced well, with none of the weapons feeling over-powered, forcing the winner to play by skill alone. There was also a selection of cheats you could enable such as big head mode, which always caused a laugh, and paintball mode, which allowed you to coat the level in a rainbow of paint. The only character which we banned was Oddjob and his one-hit hat of death.

Timesplitters 2 – Gamecube

The next game is another of my favourites from the earlier days of my gaming life; Timesplitters 2. This games held a campaign mode similar to Goldeneye, hosting a variety of difficulties which also provided a challenge. Timesplitters contained a huge range of characters, some of them were completely crazy such as a monkey, the gingerbread man or even a snowman but with only half a floating body. The best part of this game was trying to unlock each and every one of the characters, through playing the hardest difficulties or diving into their challenge mode, trying to earn the top trophies. The game’s multiplayer was fun, containing a large selection of levels, with some having huge wide open areas, perfect for sniping the enemy. Our favourite mode as kids, was putting the lives on and seeing who could last the longest. There was also an infection mode, where one person started with the infection and they had to run around wildly trying to pass it on. By the end of the game, one person was left hiding in a corner, blasting anything that came close to them.

Halo 3 – Xbox 360

As I got older, and online multiplayer became a thing through Xbox Live, my journey into competitive multiplayer began. When I was a teenager I had hours of spare time to practise and hone my skills, becoming quite a force to be reckoned with online. Halo was one of the games I sunk a lot of hours into! I still believe that Halo 3 holds the best levels and weapon balancing across all the Halo games. The game very much praised level knowledge, as well as good aim and skill. There was nothing more satisfying that getting headshots with the battle rifle and watching your defeated enemies turning into flying rag-dolls before you very eyes. My other favourite part of this game was the plasma grenades. Throwing these blue balls of destruction at your opponents and watching in glee as it stuck to their face, was nothing short of hilarious. My brother and his friends, would let me join them sometimes and we would set up matches where we solely played with just these sticky grenades and let the mayhem commence.

Call of duty 4: Modern Warfare – Xbox 360

Continuing you on the theme of competitive FPS games in my teenage years, my next game is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Now in my opinion this was the best Call of Duty game ever. Not only did it have a fun campaign but it hosted a fantastic online multiplayer. With maps well designed, with height and space, plus additional spots for hiding to pick off people with headshots, but the weapons were well balances and the perks weren’t too over the top. I tried some of the Call of Duty games that followed, but none held the magic that this game did. They were either ruined by gun exploits, where every played used the same overpowered weapons, or the perks were so ridiculous, they just ruined the gameplay. I had plenty of fond memories in my teenage years, spending too many hours playing this game online.

Bioshock – 360

My final choice follows a different path from the other FPS games that have come before it, being solely a story driven game. Bioshock was leaps and bounds a head of any other story based FPS that came out back in 2007, and even in modern gaming, Bioshock would still stand apart. This game holds atmosphere at its core, setting you within a dark dystopian underwater world, where you never know what crazy lunatic is waiting for you around the corner, or whether you would find a cute little girl and their Bid Daddy protector around the corner, ready to pummel you into dust. Throughout the whole game you feel on edge, whilst at the same time feeling powerful. The game provided the played with a selection of powers known as plasmids, granting powers such as fire, ice, electric, as well as my favourite power: telekinesis. Similar to Control by Remedy games; there is nothing more satisfying than launching chunks of stone at unsuspecting enemies. If you have never played Bioshock, then I would highly recommend you buy the collection, especially when it goes on offer.

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