Choosing Elements Overview! WIP

A couple of people have asked before about my writing in progress so I thought I would do a blog post describing the story, characters and so on. This will also be good practice when I write a synopsis in the future.

When I first started writing my novel and was diving into some research, looking at things to consider when writing novels, I was advised that every good fantasy novel has themes dancing through the book. The themes within my book are about fate, destiny and conforming within society. Within my novel, the land is ruled by a King that gained power, creating a ‘perfect’ peace through forcing his people to fulfill jobs and roles within the Castledom (I made a word up) based on their given natural abilities. The two main characters within the book begin to question the rules within society and their own positions, whilst uncovering the darker history of the Castledom itself. Having a society where jobs are based on abilities, also allowed me to add in a hierarchy within, which mimics the class system in our own society.

I also wanted to create my own magic system within my novel, mainly because I love a good magic system and it was the spark that started my desire to write. In my book the magic system follows the four main elements – fire, water, earth and air – but I put my own spin on them. Each person when they reach maturity will be told their inherited element and within that element they will also have a specific ability known as a Control. I have tried to make these Controls fit in with the concept of the civilian’s roles in life, so they can often be very specific. This then results in their roles being pre-determined. The main protagonist within my book, Tolme, for example inherits Tide Manipulation, allowing him to move the direction of liquids. Unfortunately for Tolme, within the Castledom this means he will be a cleaner for the rest of his life, being able to move water will make that job nice and easy! Tolme isn’t particulary confident, but is inquistive, questioning why he has to take on a role he doesn’t desire and always wishing for more. Fate however is in his favour as he makes his journey through the novel. The other main character Kaden, was abandoned as child and is desperate to fit in. He however, is betrayed by the system in a serious way, plunging him into trying to change the Castledom his with his own hands. The final POV within the book is Marrick, the future Shield within the Castledom, destined for brilliance but unsure whether he is ready. His predecessors have never had to truly deal with conflict….will this change for Marrick.

I hope my book sounds interesting! Any thoughts would be very welcomed and feel free to ask questions 😀

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