Good Job Review

A game all about doing a good job badly….and destroying everything in sight!

Played on: Nintendo Switch

Publisher: Paladin Studios

When stuck…..smash the place up!

One of my favourite aspects of the Nintendo Switch console, is the wide and varied Online Shop, which is rich in indie games and within there lies this absolute gem! Good Job is a very simple game… it is all about doing the best job possible, any way that you can! You can smash, throw, drag, push, pull, catapult, break – the destructive verbs available to solve each level is endless. The game actively rewards you for completing the levels in the most destructive ways possible, even on some occasions the smashing option being the only way forward. I always felt great at the end of level when my little stick man jumped up and down in joy, after completing his task and behind me are the left over remains of the office or warehouse I was working in. Everything smashed to pieces including the walls that holds the roof over the little dudes head.

Simplicity is an absolute highlight within this game. The tasks to complete in each level are straight forward to follow, the controls are easy to use and the graphics are colourful, fitting the purpose and design of the game. The cartoon-ish graphics work perfectly with the style of the game, making the inevitable destruction a complete barrel of laughs. The puzzles within the game steadily becomes trickier but due to the simple nature of the game design, making the mechanics behind each puzzle easy to understand, leaving practise and trail/error the only things getting in your way. The game rewards testing ideas and allows you to quickly reset the level or character if you become stuck.

Any one need a lift!

The game is a satisfying length, not going on for too long and mixing it up with each new set of levels which helps to keep the game fresh. There are a selection of collectibles spread through out the game, in the form of hats and other items of clothing which were a little basic and only served to dress your character up, adding a touch of personality. There was the occasional collectible that I enjoyed, such as the cone hat but it’s the placement of these collectibles that added more to their charm. The developers placed them in obvious places but often annoyingly so, making you want to try and get them….the reward being more in solving the puzzle rather than the collectible itself.

The game does contain a few bugs, in one level I was punished by stairs that teleported inches away from where it should be, causing me to reset the entire level, moments from completion. Buds didn’t happen often, only causing me to reset twice. If you character is ever to become stuck, the game allows you to reset just your character, freeing them from which ever two objects you were sandwiched between. My only other complaint was that some of the tasks became mountainous, becoming more about walking backwards and forwards to gather pieces, rather than needing to figure anything out, but this issue was reserved for only a few of the levels.

Overall Good Job is a fantastic puzzle game, embracing it own chaotic nature, rewarding you with satisfactions for a job well done!

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