My first reads!

I was thinking about what I would like to do as one of my first posts on my new blog, and I an idea wandered into my brain. I thought I would write a post highlighting some of the first authors and series that I ever read, when I started my reading adventure. This should hopefully give you an insight into myself as a reader and maybe provoke your brains to remember some of your own first reads.

Legend – Book Cover

If you have read my ‘About me’ page, then you will know this was my first jump into the world of fantasy reading, after it was recommended to me by a close family friend. The main character Druss is your typical hero, manly and all-powerful and just exceeds in kicking every ass around him. His tale describes how he became the legend that he was, is something that is familiar throughout many other fantasy novels that I have read since. It didn’t take me long before I was sucked into the pages, gripped to read every moment of his battles. I was so enamored by Druss as a character, that I even went on to name a character after him on World of Warcraft, although strangely I think I made him into a hunter. It wasn’t long after reading this book, before I engulfed pretty much every other book that Gemmel has written. Now that I have crawled deeper into the world of reading, I can truly appreciate why David Gemmel is a legend himself within the fantasy space.

Dawnthief – Book Cover

Soon after my inspired trip through the books of David Gemmel, I began to branch out into the world of fantasy. Taking a trip into my local bookshop chain, I was lost among the expansive abundance of books that were contained within the fantasy section. I soon came across this particular book. Danwthief by James Barclay stretched my ideas of fantasy even further. Introducing different races, magic and the brotherhood of heroes banding together for the greater good. This was also the first book I felt an emotional connection to when a character I liked was cut down and defeated. Being so new to reading at the time, I did the same thing as I did with Gemmel. I spent the next few months reading everything Barclay had written (I was also much slower at reading back then so this was spread over months). If you have never read any from James Barclay, I would recommend you give them a read.

Fated – Book Cover

My final book is Fated by Benedict Jacka. This was another book that I picked up when I visited the local bookshop chain, even now I still remember the reason I decided to pick it up for a try. The blurb had the words magic and London in it. Back then I had recently finished my studies and had spent three years living outside of London, and the promise of magic intrigued me greatly. The magic system within this book, is to this day, still one of my favourites. I love the variety of different types and forms magic can take within this world, and the magic that can be wielded goes beyond your typical elemental magic and is far more specific. The main character Alex Verus was different to the heroes I had read within other books, not being your typical super-awesome warrior – he was more realistic. I enjoyed reading about his struggle with evil whilst navigating his way through magical politics.

I hope you enjoyed reading my first reads – let me know on twitter or in the comments what your first reads were and if you have ever read any of these.

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