Little Nightmares: Review

Beautiful – in the darkest, creepiest and grittiest sense of the word!

Played on the PS5 – but is available on every major console

Little Nightmares – Kitchen

So recently I picked this game up in the March Sale on the PlayStation store – I knew that the second one had just come out and I had heard about this game but only in name and I had not really seen any gameplay of it. At first, I was apprehensive about buying it, on the basis that I am a little bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to the horror/thriller genre games and films – hence why I have never really got into the resident evil franchise. But I do love a good puzzle game and these 3D style platform puzzles games, where physics and trail/error tactics have brought me much delight in the past. Thinking about games such as Unravel or Portal. I put on my bravest big boy pants and downloaded it. And I am so glad that I did!

When you start the game, it doesn’t tell you anything. You are a small child (I am assuming that it is a child of some sort but I have my doubts given the ugly creeps you meet later on) in a yellow rain coat, left in the dark with no one around you to help. You soon discover that you are trying to escape from some kind of building, which hasn’t played it’s electricity bill for a long time. You have your normal range of basic skills and a trusty lighter, which I didn’t realise I had straight away, and was lost in the dark for a few minutes.

The puzzles in the game are not too tricky – a mixture of timing, stealth, playing with some physics and general ‘see what this does’ but it all felt rewarding as you made it safely to the next area. The main reason the puzzles feel rewarding is that failure to complete some of them results in your immediate consumption – and nothing made me sweat more than when the dramatic music came on and some creature, who is probably cousins to the Adam’s family, is chasing me through the room.

Stealth pass the creature I called – Long arms

Chilling! This is the word I would use to describe the atmosphere within the game. The lighting and general design of the rooms adds to this vibe throughout the entire games. Some of the backdrops do a wonderful job in reminding you how small you truly are in this game and how desperate your situation is, without actually ever telling you in words. Added to this are the creepy cast of characters, who are each unique and terrifying in their own ways.

The game overall was a little short – taking me little over 3 hours to complete – however I am going to try and get the platinum which require me not to die and complete it within the hour. I didn’t mind the length so much, when the game was thrilling and enjoyable from start to finish – there was never a moment I was bored or felt something within the game was wasted. The game was forgiving which I didn’t mind so much, since their is nothing more monotonous than replying solves puzzles only to keep dying at the later trickier ones.

If you have never played Little Nightmares – I would highly recommend you play it. I will definitely buy the second one once I have finished trying for the platinum trophy.

I have given this game 4.5 out of 5 – For me it is pretty much a perfect game. The only reason I haven’t given it higher, is just because I reserve full marks for my absolute stand out games!

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