The Unique Games I Loved as a kid

So I thought as my first post for my video game blogging adventure, I thought I would highlight some of the games that I loved as a kid. Some might be very familiar to yourself, leading to fond memories cascading through your brain in montage form and some might be completely unknown to you, and therefore you are about to receive a small education in awesome games! Also I know if my brother is reading this (I hope he is or else I will be doing some butt kicking) that he well recognise each and every one of these games. This post will only be part 1 and I will also write a post of my top franchises that I love.

Creatures – PC

If you have ever wanted to know what it is like to interbreed strange mammalian-like creatures who you can teach to talk and learn the basic skills of life, then Creatures is the game for you. This was one of the first games I ever played on the PC, and boy did I spend a lot of time playing it! The idea of the game is you raise creatures (called Norns) from eggs to grown ups, teaching them the simple things in life, whilst using them to explore the surprisingly vast world. The game was astonishingly in-depth, with my first memories of researching guides online to find what secrets there were to find within. As with all games it also include a baddy (known as a Grendal) who were tasked with passing on diseases and giving your norns a smack around. Secretly, they just wanted love because if you were a lucky parent, you would be gifted with a hybrid, who combined the hideousness of both creatures! Congratulations!

Jade Cocoon – PS1

My next game is one of my all-time favourites and if Sony was ever gracious enough to release back on to the PS store or maybe someone could port it to the Switch (like they did with Grandia – which I will mention in a future post) I would be over the moon. This is game is called Jade Cocoon. Similar to Pokemon, the game follows a young boy who needs to save everyone by catching monsters and using them as his own fighting champions – except in this game the hero isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty. He is partial to joining the fight and showing the monsters whose the boss! The main enjoyment from this game came from the variety of unique monsters, which you could then combine together to form unique mixtures – taking abilities, elements, skins and body parts from both parent monsters. This unique mechanic made the game vastly enjoyable – especially when I stumbled on a completely unique monster (Twingo) who absolutely trashed everything my brother had! The story was great, even containing end game content in the form of an endless dungeon! What more could you ask for!

Toy Story Racer – PS1

My final game for this post is Toy Story Racer. Now I already have a huge bias with this game because I grew up loving Toy Story and can sometimes be heard singing ‘You’ve got a friend in me’ to myself. In terms of a kart racer, this game was AWESOME. Fun tracks using a variety of key scenes from the film, weapons that were interesting (none being over powered – looking at you Mr Blue shell) and a cast of characters who were fun and quirky. The game also featured a fun battle mode – which is a more brutal version of the balloon battle in Mario but giving you far more freedom to run, hide and dodge at high speeds. The game also featured a fun story mode – allowing you to work through characters, unlocking friends and gradually ramping up the difficulty to a satisfying level. To this day – I am not sure whether I managed to actually finish the story mode!

Part 2 – coming soon.

5 thoughts on “The Unique Games I Loved as a kid

  1. Cool post buddy, I have some great gaming memories and really happy that I still game to this day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am going to make this a monthly post, I have my next one ready. The ps1 era had so many hidden gems!


  2. Omg Creatures!!! I LOVED this so much.


    1. You are like the only person I know who has heard of it!


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